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Yes, You Can Have Harmony Between Work + Life Without Neglecting Career Aspirations or Personal Goals


Life & Leadership Coach, Corporate & Conference Speaker, Published Author

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Discover the proven framework to bring harmony to your life while helping you be more productive at work & present at home.

Receive the Women of Work Life Excellence Blueprint so you can work through the #1 thing stopping your from creating harmony in each of these areas.


You’re educated, trained, & expect self-excellence. You’re a POWERHOUSE...but most days you feel like you’ve sacrificed too much of yourself for success. 

You just want all aspects of your life to come together without giving up your career. You’re achieving amazing things at work but your personal life is...not matching that same energy. You keep focusing on work life balance but it’s not working.
It’s your spouse, your kids, your family, your friends, and your mental and physical health that seem to be paying the price for this success you’ve ALWAYS wanted!
You try to prioritize a solid work life balance plan but you put off self-care because it takes too much time. You’re not prioritizing your relationships (and they know it).
Without the spanx, the caffeine, & half a dozen alarms you set, you don’t feel your best and you are starting to hate the woman staring back at you in the mirror. 
You think things will slow down soon for you and you’ll make time then. But can your mental & physical health survive another week? Another day?


Let me serve you by helping you create harmony between work + life.


❎ The unhealthy scripts of maintaining the debilitating work life culture 

❎ The physical and mental exhaustion of trying to do it all

❎ The shame & inadequacy for your suffering home & personal life 

❎ The fear you have thinking you have to choose professional OR personal goals


✅ A healthy, whole mind+body+spiritual connection

✅ A realistic schedule that reflects your professional AND personal goals

✅ A confident mindset to take on only what serves your desired work/life

✅ A powerhouse of a woman being recognized at work and dominating her responsibilities at home

Ready to Create Harmony in Work + Life?

Let Me Show You How!

Hi, I’m Sherry — your Life & Leadership Coach

And I help my clients create harmony in their career, personal, and entire life. 

Published author of Transition to the Real & Beautiful: Accept Your Truth, Be Authentic and Achieve Your Goals, written for the woman ready to step out shamelessly with her strengths AND weaknesses as the building blocks for a beautiful life.

I have formal education and licensure as a masters level social worker. In my professional role, I have helped numerous clients gain clarity, create individualistic goals, and transform their mental health to create a life they LOVE. 

So what does that mean for you? 

I have a research-proven person-centered approach to encourage, inspire, and motivate you to not only achieve what you desire but discover the untapped potential you have to live the life of your dreams. 

Along with this approach, I incorporate the exact material you need to ensure your schedule, your goals, and your aspirations line up precisely with EXACTLY what you want from your professional and personal life. 

It’s my mission (and purpose) to help professionals just like you to excel in ALL areas of life. 

I think it’s well overdue for you to have harmony in work + life

51% of working professionals admit to having missed important life events because of inadequate work-life balance.

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Transition to the Real & Beautiful You was right on time and exactly what I needed. I was filled with uncertainty in several areas of my life but while reading this book, I realized I was experiencing RAW self discovery.


I love how you were transparent with your story & how you teach how to transform your life for success. Your authenticity is a rarity in today’s time where it seems better to fit in.


Transition to the Real & Beautiful You has given me insight about myself, and how to achieve my goals in a healthier/positive mindset. You’ll thank yourself later when you see how your life transforms to the best yet. 

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