Transition to the Real and Beautiful You book cover

Transition to the

Real and Beautiful You

Accept Your Truth, Be Authentic, and Achieve Your Goals

by Sherry McMillan-Ballard

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Justin W.

This book is AMAZING. I don’t care if you’re a woman, a man, a child you will find something relatable in this book to help you transform your life. The part that resonated with me the most was when she talked about those “ugly truths”. I applied what she teaches and felt better the same day!

Tecora H.

I finished your book & I loved it! I love how you were transparent with your story & how you teach how to transform your life for success. Your authenticity is a rarity in today’s time where it seems better to fit in. Every young woman needs your advice on finding your purpose.

Kela J. 

Transition to the Real & Beautiful You was right on time and exactly what I needed. I was filled with uncertainty in several areas of my life but while reading this book, I realized I was experiencing RAW self discovery. I am so grateful for her encouraging words and guidance.

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Chapter 1: Your Existence, Your Purpose


What are your secret struggles:

  • Understanding how to be authentic in your personal life & work life
  • Find your purpose to feel more fulfilled & passionate
  • Bounce back after life beats you down & you’re left with the remains
Transition to the Real & Beautiful You will guide you through these struggles are more. 




About the Author

Sherry McMillan-Ballard, LMSW

Army Veteran, Licensed Social Worker, & Inspiring Speaker, Sherry can’t help but share the skills and research she’s found to excel at being confident and fearlessly pursue a life of value & success! Has she suffered failure & disappointments? Too many times to count. What made the difference for Sherry was sharpening her mindset to be a winner through errors, discovering her own truths to be more authentic, and trusting her purpose to change the world one woman at a time. 

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