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Sherry McMillan

Hi, I'm Sherry McMillan

Founder of Women of Work Life Excellence


This is my Story

Growing up with two hard working parents, 1 an entrepreneur and the other a blue collar worker, I seen first hand the importance of hard work on the job. As soon as I turned 16, I had a job at the local grocery story. Since then, I’ve worked & worked. My parents were huge proponents of education which I desired as well so my hard work would pay in larger amounts by the hour. 


By the time I graduated with my masters in Social Work in 2015, I had secured my FIRST salary paid job with benefits! I was so excited. After the first few weeks, I kept waiting for work & life to balance out but it never did. I watched slowly but surely my job bleed into my personal time. I was working overtime and starting work earlier. 


I reached out for help only to be constantly reminded, “This is the way it is, This is adulthood.” 


I was taken aback. There was no room on my schedule to engage in self-care activities. No time to prioritize my family. No relief at night to decompress and recharge. So I quit. 


I found another job that promised work life balance, but it let me down within a few months. So I quit that 1, too!


I never considered myself a quitter but more of an opportunist to “trade up” if the circumstances allowed. 


That I did. I scored a job where I primarily worked from home in 2016.


I was living THE life. 


Up until 2019, everything was working out in terms of work and life but then I wanted to achieve more at work & position myself for promotion.


I started a new project that lasted a year but nearly broke me mentally & physically. And all I could think about was how this was starting to feel like my first salary paid job and the 1 after it. 


I panicked! But the workload remained the same so I continued to struggle through until I said NO MORE!


I decided it was time for me to figure out how I could excel at new projects without losing my mind & jeopardizing my health. 


Now I’ve turned my process & transformation into an easy-to-follow system that any high achieving woman can use to unlock her potential and start enjoying life like never before. 


A life where I still get recognized with IMPACT awards at work & start new projects, while maintaining peace at home & in my relationships. I enjoy self-care EVERYDAY. I’ve received a clean bill of health from my physician. I do it all without shame or guilt that I’m letting someone down or not fulfilling my responsibilities. 


Every woman deserves a life of harmony. 

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